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     The Highest Steel Structure Pier in Jilin Province Passed the Experts Review Successfully 2016-08-22
     JPCCG Won the Bid of West of Liuhe Flat to dimensional Reconstruction Project of National Road Ji’A (303) 2016-05-28
     JLCCG held “Welcome New Year” Dinner Get-together Party 2016-01-16
     The first workers congress 2015-12-29
     Chairman Jin Mingnan and other senior representatives went to Pakistan for attending international seminar 2015-12-15
     President Mingnan Jin Goes to the Construction Site of Tonghua-Meihekou Expressway for Guidance and Inspection 2015-09-02
     JLCCG holds love dedication activities in Chinese Youth Day (May 4) 2015-05-04
     JLCCG holds 2015 financial training class 2015-02-05
     Good News 2015-01-08
     100 staff on holiday of JLCCG come back to their posts 2014-12-11
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